Burj Views

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  • Sale
    AED750K - AED2.9M
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    For Sale on FazWaz.ae:
    178 properties
  • Rent
    AED6.25K - AED8.75K
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    For Rent on FazWaz.ae:
    4 properties
  • To Dubai International Airport:
    19.1 km / 21 mins by driving

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Burj Views A
this place give me the best views in dubai
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Overall Rating
the burj views a is the very unique apartment building. this place is located in the center of dubai (downtown dubai), giving me the nice opportunities to live close to key landmarks in this city. this place have the nice views of both old town and the burj district. this place also has many interesting facilities and entertainment vanues. the dubai mall is also near the building. i love to go shopping there. it has many luxury brands as well as great dining options.
Rafael Bellucci
  • 7 months ago
1 review
Burj Views C
luxurious residence in downtown dubai
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there are many important aspects to mention about the burj views c. first of all, this place has the strong security service, providing me with the very high-standard of privacy. for the location, the downtown area is quite popular among foreigners as well as international customers. i can find many international restaurants around this area. the dubai mall is also close by which is very nice for shopping and purchasing stuffs. this is a good place to relax after the long working days.
Andy Liu
  • 8 months ago
1 review
Burj Views B
modern-designed residential tower in downtown dubai
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as i just moved into dubai for the very short time ago, i can finally say that the burj views b seems to be one of the unique buildings in downtown area. around this area, there are a wide range of restaurants and cafes. you can absolutely find many tasty international foods and beverages. this building is also providing the cleaning services like the wash rooms, laundry rooms, along with shoe-shining and ironing services. i can tell that this place offers the one-stop service in which the residents never have to leave the building to receive the premium services.
Alan J. Mayers
  • 9 months ago
1 review