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About Damac Properties

DAMAC Properties has been at the forefront of the Middle East’s luxury real estate market since 2002, delivering residential, commercial and leisure properties across the region, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman and the United Kingdom.

Making its mark at the highest end of stylish living, DAMAC Properties has cemented its place as the leading luxury developer in the region, having delivered over 26,000 homes, with a development portfolio of more than 40,000 units at various stages of progress. This includes 10,000 hotel rooms, serviced hotel apartments and hotel villas that will be managed by its wholly-owned DAMAC Hotels & Resorts.

DAMAC Properties, as a leading luxury real estate developer, strives to provide dream homes and unique living concepts to customers from all over the world.

DAMAC Properties prides itself on its uncompromising commitment to service excellence, whether we are helping a young couple choose the perfect family home or advising investors on properties offering the best investment returns. This is why DAMAC Properties is recognised as one of the leading luxury developers in the Middle East.

Since 2002, we have delivered over 26,000 homes to our customers and that number grows daily. Our success stems from the arduous effort of selecting and retaining talented employees, to choosing the right development partners that include award-winning architects, designers and contractors, right through to identifying prime development locations and selecting the sophisticated building materials that will deliver uncompromised quality standards.

By taking what we have learned from our customers over the past 17 years, we can say that we have become the region’s leading developer of bespoke homes and luxury destinations.

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Completed 91
Off Plan 22
Project Name
Total Number Of Units
Starting Price
Completion Date
Amora In Golf Verde Dubai N/A AED511,000 Jun 2021
Reva Residences Dubai N/A AED615,000 Apr 2021
Akoya Dubai 450 AED609,000 Apr 2021
Trump Estates Dubai 125 AED3,110,000 Dec 2020
Golf Vita A Dubai N/A AED520,000 Dec 2020
Just Cavalli Villas Dubai N/A AED1,100,000 Dec 2020
Vera Residences Dubai N/A AED650,000 Dec 2020
Silver Springs Dubai 7 AED1,600,000 Dec 2020
Damac Heights at Dubai Marina Dubai N/A N/A Dec 2020
Trump PRVT Dubai 125 AED3,800,000 Sep 2020
Casablanca Villas Dubai N/A N/A Sep 2020
Carson Dubai N/A AED500,000 Sep 2020
Merano Tower Dubai N/A AED500,000 Mar 2020
Ghalia Dubai N/A AED525,000 Mar 2020
DAMAC Maison Privé Dubai N/A AED579,000 Mar 2020
Radisson Blu Hotel Apartments Dubai N/A AED782,000 Mar 2020
Casablanca Boutique Villas Dubai 7 AED894,000 Feb 2020
Tower A Dubai N/A AED858,000 Dec 2019
Manarola Dubai N/A N/A Dec 2019
Ettore 971 Bugatti Style Villas Dubai N/A N/A Dec 2019
XV Villas At AKOYA Oxygen Dubai 3 AED3,230,000 Dec 2019
Akoya Play Dubai 130 AED1,080,000 Dec 2019
The Park Villas Dubai 7 AED1,550,000 Dec 2019
Akoya Fresh Dubai 4 AED1,000,000 Dec 2019
Kensington Boutique Villas Dubai 6 AED3,130,000 Dec 2019
Akoya Selfie Dubai 21 AED1,330,000 Dec 2019
Artesia B Dubai N/A AED638,000 Dec 2019
Artesia A Dubai N/A AED540,000 Dec 2019
Paramount Tower Hotel & Residences Dubai N/A AED790,000 Dec 2019
MOD Townhouses Dubai N/A AED585,000 Sep 2019
Tower D Dubai N/A AED950,000 Sep 2019
Tower C Dubai N/A AED750,000 Sep 2019
DAMAC Towers by Paramount Dubai N/A N/A Sep 2019
Tower 108 Dubai N/A AED600,000 Jun 2019
Golf Condominiums and Townhouses Dubai 142 N/A Mar 2019
Akoya Cuatro Villas Dubai 200 AED1,550,000 Mar 2019
Aurum Villas Dubai 37 AED500,000 Dec 2018
Celestia Dubai 964 AED437,000 Aug 2018
Trinity Dubai 6 AED3,070,000 Jun 2018
Flora Dubai 86 AED2,550,000 Mar 2018
The Turf Dubai N/A AED3,050,000 Mar 2018
Jasmine Dubai 16 AED1,400,000 Mar 2018
Orchid A Dubai 17 AED750,000 Mar 2018
Rochester Dubai 4 AED1,900,000 Mar 2018
The Field Dubai 13 AED1,440,000 Mar 2018
Damac Heights Dubai 243 AED1,100,000 Dec 2017
Beverly Hills Boutique Villas Dubai 14 AED2,270,000 Dec 2017
Damac Residenze Dubai 420 AED1,500,000 Dec 2017
Golf Terrace A Dubai 142 AED700,000 Jul 2017
Golf Veduta Hotel Apartments Dubai 142 AED525,000 May 2017
Bays Edge Dubai 250 AED4,620,000 Apr 2017
Avanti Dubai N/A AED550,000 Dec 2016
Ocean Heights Dubai N/A AED850,000 Mar 2010
Golf Terrace B Dubai N/A AED795,000 Nov -1
Artesia C Dubai N/A AED500,000 Nov -1
Capital Bay Tower B Dubai N/A AED550,000 Nov -1
Damac Maison Cour Jardin Dubai N/A AED500,000 Nov -1
Golf Horizon Dubai N/A AED700,000 Ready To Move-In
Golf Vista 1 Dubai N/A AED500,000 Ready To Move-In
Pelham Dubai 4 AED1,900,000 Ready To Move-In
Royal Golf Villas Dubai 41 AED6,540,000 Ready To Move-In
Majestine Allure Dubai N/A N/A Ready To Move-In
DAMAC Maison de Ville Tenora Dubai N/A AED500,000 Ready To Move-In
Richmond At Damac Hills Dubai N/A AED1,800,000 Ready To Move-In
Loreto 1A Dubai N/A AED662,000 Ready To Move-In
Park Tower A Dubai N/A AED1,800,000 Ready To Move-In
Capital Bay Tower A Dubai N/A AED585,000 Ready To Move-In
Damac Maison The Distinction Dubai N/A AED739,000 Ready To Move-In
Upper Crest Dubai N/A AED1,130,000 Ready To Move-In
DAMAC Maison the Vogue Dubai N/A AED520,000 Ready To Move-In
Rockwood at Damac Hills Dubai N/A AED1,880,000 Ready To Move-In
DAMAC Maison Prive Dubai N/A N/A Ready To Move-In
Golf Town Dubai N/A AED1,070,000 Ready To Move-In
DAMAC Majestine Dubai N/A AED560,000 Ready To Move-In
The Waves Tower B Dubai N/A AED770,000 Ready To Move-In
The Signature Dubai N/A AED800,000 Ready To Move-In
DAMAC Maison Privé Dubai N/A N/A Ready To Move-In
Tower B Dubai N/A AED1,050,000 Ready To Move-In
Park Central Dubai 120 AED615,000 Ready To Move-In
Aknan Villas Dubai N/A AED680,000 Ready To Move-In
The Waves Tower A Dubai N/A AED965,000 Ready To Move-In
Park Tower B Dubai N/A AED1,190,000 Ready To Move-In
Damac Maison Mall Street Dubai N/A AED1,100,000 Ready To Move-In
Golf Promenade 3A Dubai N/A AED690,000 Ready To Move-In
Golf Promenade 3B Dubai N/A AED800,000 Ready To Move-In
Golf Promenade 2A Dubai N/A AED500,000 Ready To Move-In
Golf Promenade 2B Dubai N/A AED686,000 Ready To Move-In
Orchid B Dubai N/A AED625,000 Ready To Move-In
DAMAC Villas by Paramount Hotels and Resorts Dubai N/A AED4,000,000 Ready To Move-In
Basswood Dubai N/A AED690,000 Ready To Move-In
Maple 1 Emirates Gardens 2 Dubai N/A AED750,000 Ready To Move-In
Project Name
Total Number Of Units
Starting Price
Completion Date
Aster Dubai AED1,000,000 Jan 2024
Zada Tower Dubai 699 AED672,000 Jul 2023
Aykon City Dubai 7 AED590,000 Dec 2022
Kenda Dubai 8 AED650,000 Dec 2021
Avencia Dubai 5 AED549,000 Dec 2021
Bait Al Aseel Dubai 2 AED1,290,000 Dec 2021
Bahya Villas Dubai 0 AED1,000,000 Dec 2021
Cascade Villas Dubai 0 AED1,080,000 Dec 2021
Veneto Villas Dubai 0 AED2,350,000 Dec 2021
Biela Villas Dubai 6 AED950,000 Sep 2021
Bellavista Dubai 0 AED503,000 Sep 2021
Navitas Hotel and Residences Dubai 0 AED1,070,000 Off Plan
Viridis Residence and Hotel Apartments Dubai 0 AED509,000 Off Plan
Oceanscape Abu Dhabi AED612,000 Off Plan
Golf Promenade 4A Dubai AED3,540,000 Off Plan
Golf Promenade 4B Dubai AED2,400,000 Off Plan
Golf Promenade 5A Dubai AED3,160,000 Off Plan
Golf Promenade 5B Dubai AED4,010,000 Off Plan
Golf Promenade 1A Dubai AED693,000 Off Plan
Artesia D Dubai AED580,000 Off Plan
Maple at Emirates Gardens 2 Dubai N/A Off Plan
Maple 2 at Emirates Gardens 2 Dubai AED1,050,000 Off Plan