What you need to know about Dubai?

Property for rent in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The largest city and the most populated city in the UAE, Dubai is located on the southeastern coast of the Persian Gulf. Dubai is undoubtedly a business center and is a global hub. Dubai prides itself upon the fact that it is one of the swiftest growing economies in the world. The tourism industry is one of the principal strategies of the Dubai government to keep foreign cash flowing into Dubai. The city is labeled as the ‘Shopping Capital of the East.’ There are huge shopping malls that could take days to complete because of the vast selection of shops. In the year 2018, research shows that Dubai ranked fourth as the most-visited city in the world, with a total number of 15.70 million visitors.

Dubai is very well connected. Tourists from Asia, Europe as well as Africa can reach the city in less than eight hours. Dubai Airport is one of the most frequently used airports for long haul routes. Almost all the prestigious airline companies conduct regular flights from Dubai airport to all popular destinations. It further enhances the travel opportunities and makes Dubai a popular holiday destination.

Dubai Rental Market Prices

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How affordable is it to live in Dubai?

The median monthly rent for rental homes in Dubai is ¥20,600 The median monthly rent for rental homes in Dubai is ¥20,600 The median monthly rent per square feet in Dubai is ¥32 The median monthly rent per square feet in Dubai is ¥32 At the moment there are 1,292 properties available for rent in Dubai At the moment there are 1,292 properties available for rent in Dubai

Dubai Property for Rent

Are you looking for a rental property in Dubai? Do you know that the rental market of Dubai is witnessing rapid growth, in terms of new leases and witnessing a steep decline in rental prices?  Are you engaged in frequent discussions, when moving to Dubai is considered? If, yes. You have reached the right destination, DUBAI. It is a city that offers a world of endless possibilities. For expats, Dubai is a paradise where they can enjoy the fabulous weather and there also many career opportunities along and they could maintain a luxurious lifestyle. Since the real estate market of Dubai shows a sharp fall in rental prices, more people are looking to rent instead of investing in a property. Here is a brief outline of what Dubai, as a city for tenants, looks like.

What are the best type of properties in Dubai?

There are different types of property to rent in Dubai, catering to all of the needs of people who want to avail of rental opportunities. Irrespective of the type you must ensure to sign a rental agreement between you and the landlord before you move in.  

  1. Apartments For Rent In Dubai – apartments vary from fully furnished to unfurnished. They also vary in size and are equipped with attractive amenities such as fully air-conditioned, modular kitchen, etc. to make lives easier for the residents.
  2. Penthouses For Rent In Dubai – for luxurious property-seekers, there are penthouses available for rent. These are equipped with amenities like spa, swimming pools, basketball arenas, fitness areas, sauna, steam bath, etc.
  3. Homes For Rent In Dubai – homes of different sizes are available for rent in Dubai. Depending upon the size of your family, you can move into one bedroom, two-bedroom or even three-bedroom homes. These houses offer the necessities and are ideal for the lower income group.

What are the average rental rates, by Property size in Dubai?

Property Size Avg. Monthly Rent 1 Bedroom (See 287 Properties) ¥14,700 2 Bedrooms (See 324 Properties) ¥21,000 3 Bedrooms (See 292 Properties) ¥47,400 4 Bedrooms (See 185 Properties) ¥33,300 5 Bedrooms (See 115 Properties) ¥42,800

What are the most popular areas in Dubai?

Dubai could very well be called a dream tourist destination because everything is King sized within this bustling city. Listed below are the four favorite places in Dubai that may be added to your checklist.

  1. Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world. It is also equipped with one of the fastest lifts that take you at speed up through the building while giving you spectacular views of the city and the sunset.
  2. The Mall of the Emirates - for an unmatched shopping experience, The Mall of the Emirates is a must visit the location. It is home to 500 retailers, and it also has a desert ski slope which is known as Ski Dubai. You can experience sub-zero temperature in desert-like conditions and ski to your heart's content.
  3. IMG Worlds of Adventure - Dubai is also home to the largest indoor theme park in the world. The IMG Worlds of Adventure is colossal and is as large as 28 football fields all put together. High and fast roller coasters, fine diners and retail outlets are in abundance in this theme park.
  4. Dubai Fountains - a delight to watch the Dubai Fountains come alive several times a day. They are located right outside the Dubai mall. They are finely choreographed and sway to favorite tunes along with a brilliant show of lights.

What are the top 3 reasons to rent in Dubai?

  1. Strong and weathered ecomony. Dubai is financially one of the fastest growing cities in the world. There is a steady growth of 5% in GDP every year and the Emirati Dirham, Dubai’s currency is also quite strong and stable.
  2. Amalgamation of cultures. The majority of the population in Dubai are foreign-born. It is easier and safer to be an expat in this city. The lifestyle is friendly for expats who relocate to Dubai and either rent a place or buy a home.
  3. Weather. The weather in Dubai makes it ideal for foreigners from colder climates to relocate. The sun shines brightly almost all through the year. If it gets too hot, you can quickly hop into one of the malls or eating joints for air conditioning.

Neighborhoods in Dubai

Jumeirah Jumeirah811 Properties available See Properties for rent
Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road (MBZ) Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road (MBZ)384 Properties available See Properties for rent
Dubai South Dubai South66 Properties available See Properties for rent
Jebel Ali Jebel Ali23 Properties available See Properties for rent
Deira Deira7 Properties available See Properties for rent
Mirdif Mirdif1 Property available See Properties for rent