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Projects in Abu Dhabi

Prices start at
Distance to
Abu Dhabi Mall 1.4 Km
772 Number of units
2023 Feb Offplan
Prices start at
Distance to
Abu Dhabi Mall 35.6 Km
175 Number of units
2018 Dec Completed
Prices start at
Distance to
Louvre Abu Dhabi 30.3 Km
6 Number of units
2021 May Offplan

What You Should Know About Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for a holiday in a bustling city that offers you a fantastic view of the ocean? Do you want great beaches, extensive deserts, sight-seeing, fantastic accommodation, and pristine mosques? Look no further than Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and is the second biggest and the wealthiest among the seven Emirates. It covers almost eighty percent of the country’s landmass and has nearly ten percent of the world’s known oil reserves. The return from this natural asset transformed Abu Dhabi from a small fishing town in the early 1950s into the modern business city of today. A lavish lifestyle, growing infrastructure, and a transparent legal system have helped Abu Dhabi transform into a world-class city enjoyed by tourists and investors.

Apartment Types in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi contains a healthy mix of several Asian cultures due to the many immigrants from countries like India, Pakistan, and Thailand etc. Abu Dhabi attracts large numbers of expats every year and this has led to a boom in real estate, especially in Apartment and Condo living.

Renting an apartment is the primary goal if you plan to live in Abu Dhabi. You can find all types of apartment spaces that include studio rentals of approximately 556 sq. Ft to four-bed rental units of 2,300 sq. Ft which is a pretty large space to live in. Normally, Apartments in Abu Dhabi are available for an annual contract that ranges between 50,000 AED and 1,700,000 AED. Depending on the size and amenities, apartments can be categorized into two main types –

  • Luxury apartments. Are fully furnished apartments with excellent amenities and come have luxurious features like double-glazed windows, centralized aircon etc. You will also have access to world-class club facilities that will give you access to the gym, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, play area, cafeteria, and a dedicated BBQ area etc.

  • Seaview apartments. You can get furnished; semi furnished and unfurnished apartments within this category. They come with easy access to the beach and are not far from the city. They are also affordable and come with all the essential amenities and are a perfect location to live in for families.

Popular Places of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is known for its cool, vibrant and captivating neighborhood’s such as

  • The Corniche. It is located right at the heart of Abu Dhabi along the central beachside and thus, holds a blue-flag status. Besides, this area is beautifully landscaped with several theme parks, green gardens, tree-lined streets, luxurious apartments, huge shopping malls, and delicious food restaurants. It is in close proximity to everything, and the community atmosphere attracts both expats and locals to live here.

  • Al Reem Island. Is located next to the Corniche, It is labeled as the commercial and financial hub of Abu Dhabi. Many tourists from all over the world flock to this area to experience the magnificent skylines. Most expats that wish to live in Abu Dhabi prefer this area to rent in.

  • Khalifa City. a new suburb located in the downtown area of Abu Dhabi and many expats looking to move here as it is a growing suburb with standard apartments, relaxing parks, shops, and restaurants.

Apart from the areas listed above, there are other suburbs like Al Khalidiya, Mohammed Bin Zayed city, Al Reef and much more that will offer you really good apartments for rent at affordable prices.

Standard of Living in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has consistently ranked high in quality of living index in the Middle East and expats are moving to Abu Dhabi as it provides an excellent opportunity to earn tax-free income with a quality international lifestyle. Utilities such as Gas, Water, and Electricity are extremely cheap when compared to other Asian countries. The public transportation system of Abu Dhabi is efficient and well-integrated to support the urban expansion and population growth of the Emirates.

Easy access to emergency services, world-class medical facilities, top quality educational institutions, awe-inspiring shopping malls, and high rise apartments make Abu Dhabi a city you don’t want to miss out.

Top Six Reasons Why to Rent in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the most sought after cities in Asia. A few of its advantages are listed below

  1. A Booming Economy. It is crowned as the emirate’s leading oil exporter and is the backbone of UAE’s economy. New infrastructure projects provide abundant job opportunities for expats and locals.

  2. A Splendid Tourist Spot. The city has many stunning locations like Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Ferrari world, Emirates Park Zoo, Saadiyat Island, Falcon hospital, Heritage village, Liwa Oasis and more that lures each year large numbers of visitors from all around the world.

  3. Top sporting facility. Abu Dhabi is hugely recognized for its sporting facilities such as Formula One. The event is hosted in the Yas Marina Circuit and is considered to be one of the best Formula One racing circuits in Asia.

  4. Excellent Public Transport Infrastructure the DoT or the transport department in Abu Dhabi is known for its quick and efficient public transport system. Emirati government of Abu Dhabi is known for their planning and they have created a wonderful network of heavy and light railroads that compliment each other to give its citizens and tourists an efficient transport system. Apart from roads and rails, flights and chartered yachts help Abu Dhabi stand tall among the nations that offer top quality public transport infrastructure.

  5. Paradise for Food Lovers. Abu Dhabi has always surprised the tourists who love multicultural cuisines. Many restaurants serve international cuisines such as Indian, European, and Portuguese etc that you could enjoy the food by dining on the top floors of a skyscraper that would give the panoramic view of the whole city.

  6. Budget Friendly. As the government is always looking to invest in developing Abu Dhabi, it attracts talented professionals around the world. Many expats love to work in UAE, especially in Abu Dhabi as it offers the attractive proposition of quality lifestyle at affordable prices.