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Projects in Abu Dhabi

Prices start at
Distance to
Abu Dhabi Mall 1.4 Km
772 Number of units
2023 Feb Offplan
Prices start at
Distance to
Abu Dhabi Mall 35.6 Km
175 Number of units
2018 Dec Completed
Prices start at
Distance to
Louvre Abu Dhabi 30.3 Km
6 Number of units
2021 May Offplan

What You Should Know About Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of UAE and its main source of income comes from oil exports. Its oil economy is one of the primary reason for most expats moving to the UAE to settle in Abu Dhabi. As a prime economic hub and an industrial zone, the city offers an ample number of job opportunities. The growth of the expat community every year has led to a surge in rental properties.

If you are looking for investment properties in UAE, you should look to invest in Abu Dhabi as it offers the best return on Rental yields. Investors benefit from the increase in the number of expats moving to Abu Dhabi and this has made Abu Dhabi a demand-driven market.

Property Types in Abu Dhabi

If you are looking to find different types of properties in Abu Dhabi, it’s worth noting that this is often influenced by the size of your family, living requirements and your budget.

Properties in Abu Dhabi can be categorized into furnished and unfurnished properties. If you are an expat and need to move into a rental property quickly, a furnished property might be the best option. The rent could be slightly expensive when compared to an unfurnished property. However, the initial cost of investment is less as you do not have to worry about buying Tables, Chairs, Beds etc.

There are several different types of properties such as apartments or condos, villas, townhouses, and individual houses. Apartments may be single storey homes or duplexes and they often come with a maintenance fee along with the rent. Villas, which are more expensive than apartments are considered luxurious but they offer privacy which condos and apartments that have shared walls and common spaces do not offer.

Townhouses are an affordable option for small families as they offer more space when compared to a condo or an apartment. However, Townhouses will offer lesser space as compared to villas. The floor plans of studio apartments are designed especially for single people, who want an affordable place to live in the central business district (CBD).

While renting a place in Abu Dhabi and to regulate tenancy contracts with the same efficiency as the Ejari system in Dubai, Tawtheeq was introduced in Abu Dhabi in 2012 and the registration of the tenancy contract is a safeguard for the tenant.

Popular Parts of Abu Dhabi

If you fancy living amongst skyscrapers, Abu Dhabi (CBD) central business district is the best location for you. It is also the most expensive neighborhood as you will have to pay very high rentals. However, it's worth the money as it houses the best hangout spots in the city.

If you want to live among the status-conscious expats, Saadiyat Island is the best location. With premium club memberships and pet-friendly zones, it’s often considered as the place to live among the billionaires.

If affordability is your prime objective, Al Ghadeer and Grand Mosque District are excellent choices. Mohammed Bin Zayed City has low rental prices, but it is a less popular neighborhood among the expats. Its proximity to Mussafah makes it an ideal spot for new migrants. Mussafah is an industrial hub and will be the best choice if you want to live closer to your place of work. There are plenty of cheap accommodation options including dorms etc.

Locations that are closer to the airport, Al Reef and Al Muneera and Khalifa are populated with large numbers of expats as these areas are known for their affordable rental properties.

Khalidiya, Al Raha, Al Maryah Island, Al Reem Island and Al Karamah are the other popular neighborhoods to live in Abu Dhabi.

Standard of Living in Abu Dhabi

The city is equally convenient to reside in as a tenant or as a homeowner. Several suburbs have expanded due to the surge of the expat population in recent years. If you choose to rent in a developing suburb, you might miss out on a few amenities such as quality gyms and restaurants. However, the very efficient local transport system in Abu Dhabi would help you circumvent the disappointment.

Rental prices have been falling in the outer suburbs of Abu Dhabi. if you search intensively, it is easy to find a good house for a good rental price in a developing suburb. The standard of living varies based on the suburb. Expensive suburbs like Abu Dhabi CBD offer excellent facilities while developing suburbs like Mussafah offer a low standard of living. This makes the city a mix of higher end and lower end lifestyles. No matter what the budget is and no matter what the cultural preferences are, in Abu Dhabi, there is something for everyone, from cruise holidays to sightseeing, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy this city.

Top 4 Reasons Why to Rent in Abu Dhabi

1. The law is very particular regarding tenant protection in Abu Dhabi and it is there to protect tenants from illegal evictions that some landlords carry out. Landlords have to offer a grace period to the tenant to clear any outstanding rent before evicting them from their residence. These kinds of laws enacted in 2012 protect the tenants and have given them more rights which in turn has made the city a safer place to rent a property.

2. A fall in rental prices is good news if you are looking to rent a property in Abu Dhabi. The fall is due to the overestimation of the number of expats that would move to this city and the supply of newer properties has outgrown the number of expats that want to live in the city.

3. Abu Dhabi is a city that perfectly blends modern living with cultural elements. If you wish to live in a modern city with a rich cultural diversity, you will fall in love with this city.

4. Abu Dhabi is known to be a family-friendly city as it offers safe living conditions to expats and also offers world class Hospitals and medical facilities.