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What You Need to Know About Sharjah

Sharjah is the third biggest city in the United Arab Emirates and it is the only emirate state that has land on both the east and west coasts of the UAE. Sharjah has retained the Arabic tradition and is more conservative than the other Emirates and is rightly called the nation’s Cultural Capital.

Sharjah was the first emirate to establish the very first airport within the UAE and it was opened in 1932 and it is now called Sharjah International Airport. Sharjah has pioneered to promote women’s rights and introduced education to women in the year 1942. The first ever municipality, library (Al Taymeya) and school were also founded in Sharjah. Though it is the third biggest emirate, the size of the city of Sharjah is within 90 square miles and is just 3% of the total UAE area. Despite its small size, its population is 1.5 million, of which the expat population is a whopping 1.2 million and 800,00 of the population is aged between 20 and 39 Such staggering numbers bring to light the importance of a wide selection of housing options to cater to the various demands. Sharjah residential market offers apartments, villas, and townhouses in many sizes, starting from Studio to 5 BHKs, for people to invest based on their affordability.

Types of Villa in Sharjah

Sharjah is the most sought after emirate for housing due to its affordability compared to its affluent neighbor, Dubai. It offers a lot of variety to home investors. Villas are preferred by people who want the privacy of an independent house. In Sharjah within the real estate market apartment rents are in a downward trend, villa rentals seem to be defying the odds. In the 4th quarter of 2017, they actually gained a marginal 1.7% against the general decline in home rents in other locations of the UAE. This indicates that the demand for villas is higher in the Sharjah real estate market.

Many types of villas are offered by developers to meet the varied requirements and budget restraints of investors.

  • Sharjah Waterfront City is seafront villas that offer great views and provide a luxurious lifestyle with amenities and are located close to restaurants, shops and close to the entertainment.

  • Garden Villas – As the name suggests, these villas are built on luscious green land, each with a garden of its own. Sharjah Garden City is currently an under construction residential project on the Maliha Road.

Villas come in different sizes to suit investors’ budgets. They start from as small as 2 bedroom villas to as large as 8 bedroom villas, an area ranging from 1400 sq.ft to a very large 80,000 sq.ft with prices ranging from AED 899,000 to AED 15,000,000.

Popular Areas in Sharjah

Some popular areas where you can invest in villas are Al Zahia, Nasma Residences, Sharjah Waterfront City - Ajmal Makan, Sharjah Garden City, Aljada, Hoshi, Al Ghafna, Al Falaj, Al Yash, Sharqan, Al Azra, Barashi, Al Ramla and Al Nekhailat.

Al Zahia villas are furnished in either traditional or modern decor to suit your taste and presented in well-landscaped surroundings. They are available as semi-detached or standalone villas.

Nasma Residences is a very popular community and offer affordable freehold villas and townhouses, which are magnificently set within a green and scenic environment. The affordable prices and the freehold attract expats and investors to own property here.

Aljada’s Sarab is a new luxury garden community that will feature 109 townhouses and semi-detached villas set in a green and tranquil neighborhood. Some key features of the villas are that they come with maid’s rooms, plenty of storage areas, and guest bathroom, and you will have access to a members-only gym and swimming pool,

Lifestyle Factors in Sharjah

Sharjah was named as the Cultural Capital of UAE due to its commitment to culture, art, education, and preservation of its heritage.

Sharjah has a desert climate just like the rest of the UAE, with lots of sunshine and a clear blue sky. The average yearly temperature is 25.9 degree Celsius and the best time to visit Sharjah is during the winter, between October and April and to take advantage of some sightseeing tours.

As a City of Culture, Sharjah has a collection of museums and art galleries to visit. For entertainment, you have plenty of sports activities like football, cricket, tennis, hockey, golf, horse-riding and water sports which would include jet-skiing, sailing, windsurfing, etc. You can also rent yacht charters for your various water adventures.

Sharjah is very popular in the middle-east for advanced healthcare and emergency care. Its healthcare industry, which includes many top-class hospitals offer advanced procedures in many specialties.

Shopping in Sharjah features a variety of modern malls, independent boutiques and exclusive souks (Arab market places), which are treasure troves for a variety of goods, including gold, silver, antiques, handcrafted souvenirs, electronic goods and so on. You will find good bargains in several areas in Sharjah since it's tax-free, prices are quite reasonable, especially for branded items and handicrafts sold in souks.

Sharjah is a great city for food. It has fantastic street food and numerous little restaurants that serve cuisine unique to the Middle East, India and Pakistan and it also has more upmarket restaurants to cater for all tastes and wealth.

Top 4 Reasons Why to Invest in Sharjah

  • Affordability is the first and foremost reason for investing in Sharjah. Home prices are very reasonable in Sharjah compared to its other counterparts within the UAE, for example, Dubai.

  • You do not have to be a UAE citizen to buy freehold property in Sharjah.

  • You do not have to pay tax when you invest in real estate in the UAE.

  • The Government’s has put pressure on real estate developers to deliver property projects on time and if the developer defaults they are faced with severe penalties and could have their license canceled.

Sharjah is a compact and unique city with delightful sites, shopping, and entertainment. With its affordability, it’s not a strain on your pockets. Its location within the UAE makes it the best place to invest and live in.