Everything you need to know about homebuying in the United Arab Emirates

Property Investments

Thailand property investments guide and information. All you need to know on how to find real estate in Thailand for any kind of investments. As a family home for price apprieciation. Or even as a profitable real estate investments. 

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How to Calculate CAP Rate in Real Estate 2023

Real Estate Investments

Real Estate investing guide in UAE. From Dubai to Abu Dhabi apartments and villa. We measure and guide all rental yields formula and more cash on cash calculations to understand your ROI for your property in Dubai. To make better profitable decision in your real estate investments. 


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Rental Yields in Dubai Property Market 2023
Cash on Cash Return: A Comprehensive Guide
Net Operating Income: Boosting Property Profits
Dubai Property Buying: Cash or Mortgage?

Purchasing A Property in the UAE - What you need to know

Explore the ins and outs of purchasing property in Dubai with our comprehensive guide. Get the information you need to make an informed decision. 

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What you need to know about purchasing property in UAE?
Understanding the Dubai Apartment Market

Dubai Property Buying Guide

Top 8 Reasons to Buy Property in Dubai
Top 10 Benefits of Investing in an Apartment in Dubai
Best Areas to Buy Apartments in Dubai: Pros and Cons
Leasehold vs. Freehold Dubai Apartment: What’s the difference?
Current trends & demand Dubai's villa market in 2023
Off-Plan Villa Developments in Dubai's Upcoming Areas
Unlocking Investing in Buying Villas to Rent in Dubai 2023
Dubai Tops Global Luxury Real Estate Markets in 2023
Buying Property in Dubai: Developer vs Resale
5 Types of Legal Services for Buying an Apartment in Dubai
Things to know when buying Resale Villa in Dubai: Pros & Cons
Tax Implications of Buying Dubai Property
Apartment Maintenance & Decorating Cost in Dubai [2023]
7 Top Strategies for Making Smart Dubai Apartment Investments
Holiday Home & Investment in Dubai 2023
5 Different Types of Property Insurance in Dubai
5 Risks & Challenges of Dubai Property Investing
Top 11 Apartments Near Dubai Metro Stations
Apartment Buying in Dubai Guide for Expats

Abu Dhabi Real Estate: Tips, Trends, and More

Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market: Trends, Forecasts, Analysis

Abu Dhabi Property Buying Guide

What makes Abu Dhabi Property A Highly Attractive Investment
Abu Dhabi Real Estate: What to Look for Investing in Property
New Developments in Abu Dhabi: A Guide for Buyers
Buy or Rent? Making the Right Call for Your Abu Dhabi Homes
Smart Home: Luxury Real Estate Investment in Abu Dhabi
Square Meters vs. Square Feet: Property Size in Abu Dhabi
2023: A Guide to Abu Dhabi Top Luxury Properties
Top 6 Pet-Friendly Apartments on Al Maryah Island

Foreign Property Ownership in UAE

From finding the perfect property to closing the deal, our guide covers everything you need to know about owning property in the UAE as a foreign investor.

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Things to know about Property ownership in UAE

UAE Projects Review

Looking for genuine UAE and dubai property project insights? Fazwaz UAE project reviews offer a deep dive into real experiences, unfiltered and firsthand.

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Azizi Riviera Reve Project Review

Selling Your Property in the UAE - What you need to know

Ready to list your property in Dubai? Our guide covers the most important things you need to know to successfully sell in the UAE's real estate market. 

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Dubai Property Selling Guide

Get the Best Deal: 5 Tips for Urgent Villa Sales
5 Tips for Selling Villas in Dubai: A Guide for Buyers & Sellers
[6] Top Tips to Market Your Dubai Apartment to Potential Buyers
5 Tips & Tricks: Negotiating the Best Price for Dubai Apartment
A Step-by-Step Guide for Selling Your Dubai Property
Future Opportunities in Dubai Real Estate for Apartment Sellers
Dubai Apartments: Great Investment for Buyers and Sellers Alike
See the Future Unfold: Technology for Dubai Villa Viewings
How to Find a Reliable Real Estate Agent in Dubai
7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Dubai Property
Maximizing Your Property Deals in Dubai with Social Media
Cash in on Your Castle: Selling Property in Dubai Made Easy!
Timing is Key: The Best Time to Sell Your Dubai Apartment
Top Home Renovations to Increase Dubai Property Value
9 Essential Steps for Dubai Apartment Post-Sale Checklist
Discovering Potential of Investing in a Dubai Villa Today
The Pitfalls of Selling Villas in Dubai: Avoid These 5 Missteps
Tips and Tricks Decorating and Maintaining Your Dubai Villa
Sell villa & Move On: How to Turn Breakup to Real Estate Opportunity
Prep villa for Ramadan 2023: Prep Ideas for a Quick Sale in Dubai
Guidelines: Selling Property During Ramadan in Dubai 2023

Common FAQ's in UAE

Become an expert on UAE real estate market with our database of questions and answers. Find the information you need to make smart investments

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How much does it cost to live in Dubai?
Can I get a mortgage for an apartment in Dubai?
Do you need a license to sell property in Dubai?
abu dhabi

Location Guide in UAE, include Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Sharjah more

Discover the best places to live in the UAE' with Fazwaz location guides. From Dubai to Yas Island find out about the lifestyle, and top location to live in UAE.

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Dubai Neighborhood Guide

The Dubai Mall - The Largest Shopping Center in the world in 2023
When and How to Celebrate: Ramadan 2023 in Dubai
Exploring Dubai's Hidden Treasures: Top Off-Beat Attractions
Essential Etiquette Rules: Men & Women Traveling to Dubai!
4 things bizarre in Dubai you never know
3 Dubai Exclusive Neighborhoods: Amenities & Services
Explore Dubai Cultures and Traditions
Explore the Glitz and Glamour of Dubai Luxury Lifestyle [2023]
Amazing Valentine's Day in Dubai 2023
Shop 'Til You Drop" in Dubai's Lavish Shopping Scene
Real Estate or Real Eats? A Food Lover's Guide to Dubai
5 Epic Events and Festivals Await You in March 2023 in Dubai
Dubai Miracle Garden: The World Largest Flower Garden
Dive Into Adventure: The Dubai World Largest Dive Pool
Getting Around Dubai: A Practical Guide to Transportation
Dubai's 2023 Foodie Adventure: Must-Try Local Dishes
7 Best Family-Friendly Activities in Dubai [2023]
From Young to Old: The Best Places to Live in Dubai for All Ages
Live it Up: Uncovering the Best of White Dubai After Dark
Dubai Best Beach Clubs: Where to Lounge and Party in Style
6 Trendiest Neighborhoods in Dubai for Millennials
Dubai: Where Modern Meets Tradition
Jumeirah Village Circle - Ideal Modern Community | FazWaz
Mall of the Emirates Dubai Ultimate Guide 2023
Downtown Dubai: A Thriving Business and Leisure Hub | FazWaz
Dubai Marina: Luxe Waterfront Investment
Arabian Ranches: An Idyllic Residential Oasis in Dubai
Damac Hills: Luxurious Living Amid Dubai Serenity
Jumeirah Village Triangle: A Strategic District in Dubai
Palm Jumeirah: The Exclusive Residential Area
Business Bay: A Complete Guide to Luxury Living

Abu Dhabi Neighborhood Guide

Shopaholics Unite! Abu Dhabi Ultimate Shopping Experience
Winter Wonderland: 12 Must-Visit Destinations in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Festivals 2023: Virtual and Digital Experiences
Embracing Diversity: The Culture and Rich Heritage of Abu Dhabi
Eid Al-Fitr: A Time for Family, Food, and Fun in Abu Dhabi
Masdar City: A Sustainable Urban Blueprint in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Coastal Areas and Beachfront Properties
Al-Mushrif: The Blend of Old and New in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi: Your Cosmopolitan Dream Home
Al Maryah Island - The Luxurious Waterfront Living
Hydra Village: A Guide to Investment Opportunities
Al Reem Island: Luxury Living Oasis in Abu Dhabi
The Marina: Luxury Living By The Sea
Saadiyat Island: An Oasis of Culture and Luxury
Yas Island: Living, Play, and Invest in Abu Dhabi
Al Raha Beach: A Guide to Life and Investment
Khalifa City: A Haven for Families

UAE Property News

Learn from the best - FazWaz UAE guides are packed with informative insights on UAE real estate market, including expert insights on Dubai property trends.

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Get to know the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan
High Investor Demand Drives a 43% Surge in Deals
UAE Weekly Real Estate Rundown, 19-23 June 2023
Weekly UAE Real Estate Market Rundown, 3 - 7 June 2023
Weekly UAE Property News Rundown 10 - 14 July 2023
Weekly UAE Property Market Rundown, 17-21 July 2023
Weekly UAE Property News, 31 Jul - 6 Aug 2023
Weekly UAE Property News, 24-30 July 2023
Weekly UAE Property News, 7-13 August 2023
Weekly UAE Property News, 14-20 August 2023
Weekly UAE Property News, 21-27 August 2023
28 Aug-3 Sep 2023: Weekly UAE Property News
4-10 September 2023: Weekly UAE Property News
11-17 September 2023: Weekly UAE Property News
18-24 September 2023: Weekly UAE Property News
25 Sep-1 Oct 2023: Weekly UAE Property News

Dubai Property News

Tallest Building in World Coming to Dubai in 2023!
DAMAC unveils the exclusive 44-story Canal Heights Tower
Proptech: Driving the Future of UAE Real Estate
UAE Constructs a Bright Future in Q1 2023
Dubai Record Apartment Sale: Luxury Real Estate Insights
Dubai Offplan Market Set to Reach New Heights in 2023
Dubai: A Rising Star in the World of Luxury Real Estate
Is Dubai's Hot Property Market Too Hot to Handle?
Uptown Tower - The Latest Addition to Dubai Skyline
Smart Real Estate Investing in Dubai: AI makes its Mark in 2023
Dubai Real Estate Market Resilient Despite Russian Slowdown
Ramadan Effect: How to Make Property Stand Out in Dubai's Market
Dubai Prime Properties: Enhancing the Allure
Dubai Real Estate Market Defies Global Downturn in 2023
How Women Are Making Waves in the Real Estate Industry?
Dubai Skyline Soars: New Skyscrapers Boost Tourism
Dubai Pushes Real Estate with 6 New Industry Bodies
Ramadan 2023 Dubai Countdown: All You Need to Know
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