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Although the foundation stones of the present-day Azizi Group were laid in 1989, it was in 2007 when the towering presence of Azizi Developments first began to take shape. Mirwais Azizi was driven to design homes and communities inspired by modern urban living. But at the heart, it was about giving back to a city that had offered him and his family a place of peace and security. He set a vision for the future without losing sight of the past, ensuring he stays within client budgets, but goes beyond the norm to create the best possible living experience for people. Today, Azizi Developments reflects the aspirations of a wide spectrum of lifestyle seekers. This means a permanent dedication to understanding and meeting clients' aspirations, developing distinctive homes that set the standard in contemporary building design and offering an unparalleled level of customer service. It's about unlocking a new lifestyle for the curious and ambitious, setting the ideal platform to live, work and play – and building communities that bring people closer.

Azizi Developments is the award-winning real estate investment arm of Azizi Group and one of the leading developers in the UAE.

With its long history, profound international expertise and deeply rooted commitment to the region, the company has been instrumental in developing some of the finest properties in prime locations across Dubai.

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Completed 34
Off Plan 13
Project Name
Total Number Of Units
Starting Price
Completion Date
Creek Views II Dubai 587 AED800,000 Dec 2023
Azizi Riviera Beachfront Dubai N/A AED570,000 Oct 2023
Park Avenue - Azizi Dubai 190 AED956,000 Jun 2023
Azizi Mirage 1 Dubai 186 AED400,000 Jun 2021
Azizi Riviera (Phase 2) Dubai N/A AED800,000 Mar 2021
Azizi Riviera (Phase 3) Dubai 1,300 AED1,710,000 Mar 2021
Azizi Riviera (Phase 1) Dubai 13,000 AED450,000 Mar 2021
MINA By Azizi Dubai 178 AED2,500,000 Mar 2021
Farhad Azizi Residence Dubai 634 AED580,000 Nov 2020
Fawad Azizi Residence Dubai 396 AED778,000 Jul 2020
Azizi Aura Dubai 479 AED415,000 Jun 2020
Azizi Star Dubai 458 AED400,000 Mar 2020
Farishta Dubai 284 AED500,000 Mar 2020
Azizi Plaza Dubai 434 AED415,000 Mar 2020
Samia Azizi Dubai 284 AED1,230,000 Mar 2020
Shaista Azizi Dubai 284 AED430,000 Oct 2019
Azizi Aliyah Dubai 346 AED515,000 Jul 2019
Azizi Victoria Apartments Dubai 30,000 N/A Jun 2019
Azizi Greenfield Dubai 96 AED2,690,000 Mar 2019
AZIZI Berton Dubai 245 AED379,000 Mar 2019
Azizi Pearl Dubai 260 AED440,000 Jan 2019
Azizi Aliyah Serviced Apartments Phase 2 Dubai 346 N/A Mar 2018
Azizi Montrell Dubai 222 AED636,000 Dec 2017
Roy Mediterranean Service Apartments Dubai 271 N/A Dec 2017
Royal Bay Dubai 90 AED1,000,000 Dec 2017
Candace Aster Dubai 227 AED400,000 Nov 2017
Candace Acacia Dubai 316 AED425,000 Nov 2017
Azizi Tulip Residence Dubai 97 N/A Sep 2017
Freesia Dubai 99 AED750,000 Feb 2017
Iris Dubai N/A AED800,000 Dec 2015
Yasamine Dubai N/A N/A Completed
Feirouz Dubai N/A AED850,000 Completed
Azizi Liatris Dubai N/A AED1,170,000 Completed
Daisy Dubai N/A AED710,000 Completed
Project Name
Total Number Of Units
Starting Price
Completion Date
Azizi Venice Dubai AED602,000 Nov 2026
Azizi Riviera Reve Dubai AED695,000 Sep 2026
Creek Views III Dubai 290 AED1,060,000 Jul 2025
Azizi Central Dubai AED1,270,000 Dec 2024
Azizi Grand Dubai 431 AED445,000 Dec 2024
Azizi Vista Dubai AED1,050,000 Dec 2024
Azizi Amber Dubai AED440,000 Dec 2024
AZIZI Riviera 17 Dubai 208 AED510,000 Nov 2024
Azizi Riviera Azure Dubai AED1,240,000 Oct 2024
Azizi Riviera (Phase 4) Dubai 1300 AED1,300,000 Jul 2024
Azizi Beach Oasis Dubai 712 AED430,000 Jun 2024
Eight at Al Furjan Dubai N/A Off Plan
Bayt by Azizi Dubai 431 N/A Off Plan
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