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About Emaar Properties

Emaar Properties is one of the world’s most valuable and admired real estate development companies. With proven competencies in properties, shopping malls & retail and hospitality & leisure, Emaar shapes new lifestyles with a focus on design excellence, build quality and timely delivery.

Global property developer Emaar Properties has launched the Emaar Foundation that will serve as the group’s apex entity to drive corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives regionally and internationally. The Emaar Foundation Board has been constituted with Ahmad Al Matrooshi, Managing Director of Emaar Properties as the entity’s Chairman.

With the objective of positioning Emaar as a global leader that inspires humanity through its CSR initiatives, Emaar Foundation is fully aligned to the company’s brand values of industry thought leadership and its commitment to making a tangible contribution to support the underprivileged.

As the one-stop nodal agency that manages all CSR activities of Emaar, the Foundation will also facilitate more effective communications outreach and establish social responsibility as a core value across all operations of Emaar.

Among the CSR activities undertaken by Emaar include, support to Dubai Cares, the philanthropic organisation working to improve children's access to quality primary education in developing countries; and to Dream for Future Africa Foundation, dedicated to providing opportunity and equity for those most in need in Africa.

Emaar also supports the United Nations - World Food Programme, the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger and promote autism awareness through a wide range of initiatives in Dubai in addition to extending support to Zayed University for its campaigns.

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Off Plan 40
Project Name
Total Number Of Units
Starting Price
Completion Date
The Address Residences Dubai Opera Dubai N/A AED1,700,000 Apr 2021
Sunrise Bay Dubai N/A AED1,350,000 Feb 2021
Opera Grand Dubai 249 AED1,800,000 Dec 2020
Park Ridge Dubai 462 AED780,000 Dec 2020
Vida Residences Dubai Marina Dubai 360 AED1,150,000 Dec 2020
Acacia Dubai 477 AED800,000 Dec 2020
Downtown Views Dubai 416 AED1,200,000 Dec 2020
Club Villas at Dubai Hills Dubai 144 AED3,400,000 Sep 2020
Island Park 1 Dubai N/A AED1,120,000 Sep 2020
IL Primo Dubai N/A AED13,500,000 Sep 2020
5242 Dubai N/A AED1,100,000 Sep 2020
Creek Rise Dubai 299 AED2,960,000 Sep 2020
Creek Gate Dubai 250 AED840,000 Sep 2020
Park Point Dubai 38 AED700,000 Jun 2020
Creekside 18 Dubai 434 AED1,200,000 Jun 2020
Creek Horizon Dubai 500 AED790,000 Jun 2020
Harbour Gate Dubai 120 AED830,000 Jun 2020
Harbour View 1 Dubai 750 AED770,000 May 2020
Golf Links Dubai 195 AED1,950,000 Apr 2020
BLVD Crescent Dubai 307 AED3,000,000 Mar 2020
Park Heights 1 Dubai N/A AED700,000 Mar 2020
The Address Sky View Tower 1 Dubai 532 AED1,450,000 Mar 2020
Golf Views Dubai 560 AED560,000 Mar 2020
Park Heights 2 Dubai 270 AED720,000 Mar 2020
The Address Residence Fountain Views 1 Dubai 768 AED1,550,000 Mar 2020
The Address Residence Fountain Views Sky Collection 1 Dubai N/A AED6,000,000 Mar 2020
The Address Residence Fountain Views Sky Collection 2 Dubai N/A AED5,500,000 Mar 2020
The Address Residence Fountain Views Sky Collection 3 Dubai N/A AED12,500,000 Mar 2020
The Address Sky View Sky Collection Tower 1 Dubai N/A AED3,200,000 Mar 2020
The Address Sky View Sky Collection Tower 2 Dubai N/A AED5,800,000 Mar 2020
Boulevard Heights Podium Dubai 492 AED3,420,000 Mar 2020
The Cove Dubai N/A AED970,000 Mar 2020
Vida Residences Downtown Dubai 335 AED1,330,000 Dec 2019
Mira Oasis 3 Dubai 411 N/A Dec 2019
Aseel Dubai 55 AED4,700,000 Dec 2019
Urbana II Dubai N/A AED785,000 Dec 2019
Maple 1 Dubai 180 AED530,000 Nov 2019
Dubai Creek Residence - North Towers Dubai N/A AED1,000,000 Nov 2019
Forte 2 Dubai 850 N/A Sep 2019
Maple 3 Dubai N/A N/A Sep 2019
Fairway Vistas Dubai N/A AED3,780,000 Jun 2019
Mulberry Dubai 664 AED540,000 May 2019
The Hills Dubai N/A AED1,150,000 May 2019
Vida Residences Sky Collection Dubai N/A AED10,800,000 May 2019
Azalea Dubai 108 AED3,000,000 Apr 2019
Parkway Vistas Dubai N/A AED11,800,000 Mar 2019
Mira Oasis 2 Dubai 411 N/A Nov 2018
Casa Dubai N/A AED2,550,000 Jul 2018
Samara Dubai 177 AED3,030,000 Dec 2017
Yasmin Dubai 98 AED4,000,000 Dec 2017
Rosa Dubai 144 N/A Dec 2017
Lila Dubai 219 AED2,950,000 Mar 2014
29 Burj Boulevard Tower 1 Dubai 642 AED750,000 Nov 2013
La Avenida 1 Dubai N/A AED7,420,000 Dec 2011
Armani Residence Dubai 144 AED1,850,000 Dec 2009
8 Boulevard Walk Dubai N/A AED749,000 Ready To Move-In
Al Arta Dubai N/A N/A Ready To Move-In
Mira Oasis 1 Dubai N/A AED1,230,000 Ready To Move-In
Rasha Dubai 140 AED4,200,000 Ready To Move-In
Burj Khalifa Area Dubai N/A AED1,200,000 Ready To Move-In
Dubai Hills: Grove And Views Dubai N/A AED7,500,000 Ready To Move-In
Boulevard Plaza 1 Dubai N/A AED15,700,000 Ready To Move-In
Dubai Creek Residence - South Towers Dubai N/A AED950,000 Ready To Move-In
Maple 2 Dubai N/A N/A Ready To Move-In
Dubai Hills View Dubai N/A AED7,500,000 Ready To Move-In
Dubai Hills Grove Dubai N/A AED26,000,000 Ready To Move-In
The Address Sky View Tower 2 Dubai N/A AED2,300,000 Ready To Move-In
Project Name
Total Number Of Units
Starting Price
Completion Date
Burj Crown Dubai 440 AED1,180,000 Dec 2024
Palace Residences Dubai 0 AED2,960,000 Dec 2023
Eden Dubai 39 AED1,150,000 Dec 2023
Golf Place Dubai 18 AED7,590,000 Oct 2023
Act One Dubai 394 AED1,290,000 Sep 2023
Beach Isle Dubai AED1,400,000 Sep 2023
Act Two Dubai AED1,480,000 Sep 2023
Grand Bleu Tower Dubai 0 AED1,600,000 Jun 2023
Ruba Dubai AED1,300,000 Mar 2023
Springs Arabian Ranches III Dubai 0 AED1,400,000 Dec 2022
Vida Residences Creek Beach Dubai AED1,050,000 Dec 2022
Burj Royale Dubai 0 AED964,000 Dec 2022
Surf Dubai 0 AED1,090,000 Dec 2022
Creek Edge Dubai 0 AED1,860,000 Dec 2022
Summer Dubai 300 AED1,200,000 Sep 2022
Joy Dubai 0 AED1,360,000 Sep 2022
Sirdhana Dubai 0 AED2,820,000 Aug 2022
Breeze Dubai 500 AED1,100,000 Jun 2022
The Grand Dubai 500 AED1,140,000 Jun 2022
Bayshore Dubai 0 AED810,000 Jun 2022
Grande Dubai 200 AED1,390,000 Jun 2022
Sun Dubai 0 AED1,330,000 Apr 2022
Vida Residences Dubai 826 AED3,500,000 Mar 2022
Collective Dubai 271 AED620,000 Mar 2022
Golfville Dubai 23 AED725,000 Mar 2022
Executive Residences Dubai 0 AED1,070,000 Feb 2022
Forte 1 Dubai 850 AED1,000,000 Dec 2021
Vida Residences Dubai Mall Dubai 380 AED801,000 Dec 2021
Address Harbour Point Dubai 202 AED1,400,000 Dec 2021
Parkside 2 Dubai 0 AED950,000 Dec 2021
Sunset At Creek Beach Dubai 0 AED1,220,000 Dec 2021
Beach Vista Dubai 0 AED1,000,000 Sep 2021
Camelia Dubai 0 AED1,500,000 Jul 2021
Expo Golf Villas Dubai 0 AED970,000 Jul 2021
Rove Hotel Dubai 340 AED690,000 Jul 2021
Downtown Views II Dubai 300 AED999,000 Jun 2021
Golf Grove Dubai 0 AED3,000,000 Jun 2021
Golf Suites Dubai 216 AED943,000 Jun 2021
Marina Vista Dubai 0 AED1,150,000 Jun 2021
17 Icon Bay Dubai 287 AED850,000 Jun 2021